The Association The non-profit association "Humanitäre Hilfe für Uganda Paderborn e.V." was founded on September 9th, 2012 Board

 Chairman                   Wolgang Kluth Tel. +49 151 120 59 582
 Chairman                   Christoph Teschner
 Treasurer                   Jennifer Sender
 Secretary                   Jana Kluth

Friends and Sponsors of the Association

We are fully aware of the fact that planned goals could not be achieved without the help
and commitment of a great number of helpers.
The project can obtain success solely through the energetic support of our members,
friends and sponsors.
No matter what kind of support,
contributing with good ideas, preparing projects, on-site help,
making contact with important people, or donations,
every kind of assistance is welcomed.

Interested parties, which want to be informed about the ongoing activities of our association,
can willingly be added to our e-mail distribution list.


The infrastructure, which is affects the water and electricity supply,
is irreducibly construed and cannot live up to daily demand.
Moreover, besides a couple of toilets, sanitations of any kind are absent.
Due to the instable power supply, only a few, and often faulty medical devices exist.

Patients (even those that still have to undergo surgery)
walk barefoot to the toilet and do not shower before surgery.
Mothers, after birth, often have wound infections.

This would be unconceivable for a European hospital.
Purpose of the Uganda Support Paderborn
The goal of the association is to maintain and ameliorate the infrastructure of the hospital.
The basis for a better patient care should be provided.
Therefore, we have set ourselves a precept

This precept is SFRC

S for Sustained
F for Service friendly
R for Inexpensive replaceable high-tech
C for No addition costs in the future


We are not going to bring Germany to Uganda.
Thrift has the biggest priority.
Achieve a lot, with minimum resources.
If noticed how hard it is to maintain the infrastructure already in Germany,
one can imagine with which difficulties the goal will be achieved in Africa.

90% of all water pumps are faulty.
This is most often due to missing services.
To acquire and arrange these services is a great challenge
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