In order to fund the projects, donations are urgently needed.
A scheduled visit to Uganda is planned in April 2013.
Numerous volunteers will, with the aid of natives,
conduct installations and give training sessions.

To organize and determine the next services for the following timeframe (April 2013 and 2014).
The created novelties should thus be maintained.
Services will always be the greatest components of the work.                   Blanko Donations list         
                                                                       Donations list         
                                                                       Donations card         

A Consideration

We will not save the world.
Africa has about 1.2 bn. Inhabitants.
We will also not be able to rescue all of them.

Uganda has about 34 m inhabitants.
Here again, we will not be able to save them all.
But - The comboni hospital in Kyamuhunga records eleven thousand patients
with at least the same number of relatives.
For these people, a sustainable improvement will be noticeable.
This is the reason we stand up for our work and welcome and thank you for your help.

Bankname: Bank für Kirche und Caritas eG
bank code number: 47260307
account number: 21900200
IBAN: DE49472603070021900200

Thanks to the Donors A big thanks to all donors from the Verl,
which made everything possible through small and vast donations.

We are aware of the hard work every donor has, earning their money,
and which can only be spent once.
As a donor, one is always confronted with the question: Is the money
really going to reach the needy and is it going to be meaningfully invested?
This is where we will take a stand, to accomplish,
on site, the most suitable and effective goal.

A donation is "sacred" money.
It is our goal and responsibility to utilize it that way.

Our concept, providing a hospital with enough electricity,
and finding a solution to supply enough (drinkable) water,
is, without a doubt, applicable to any hospital or similar institution.

A minimal infrastructure in order to treat patients
is needed in all parts of the world, even and especially in Africa.

Minimal and feasible solutions, following our SFRC concept.
These are easily copyable.
Send us an e-mail if you want to learn more about our experience.
Please print out the following page and take it into account,
if you are thinking about helping us out with a donation.

Donations card

You can find a couple of pictures of the last projects in order to gat an idea of the Comboni hospital Kyamuhunga
and the work with the natives.

A big thanks to all the participants that helped create the pictures.
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